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Thom Scher

Thom Scher |
Producer; Director of Public Relations

Thom Scher first worked with Charity Fashion Show in 2007, and for the last three years has served in a Director capacity. He is the current Producer and Director of Public Relations. Mr. Scher works closely with the other directors to guide the overall organization's direction, while simultaneously focusing on the quality, reception, and overall image of Charity Fashion Show. Beyond CFS, Mr. Scher owns his own fashion pr company called Beyond The Dresses, is an award-nominated event producer, and is a well-known face of the SF Fashion Industry.

Stephanie Werner

Stephanie Werner |
Director of Development

Stephanie Werner first worked with Charity Fashion Show in 2008, and has since been a key leader in the organization's direction and success. The current Director of Internal and External Development, Ms. Werner works to further develop Charity Fashion Show has an organization, through increased sponsorship, outreach, finance, and staffing endeavors. With a background in event planning, fundraising, and journalism, Ms. Werner prides herself on her ability to further further expand the CFS Network.

Brooke Smith

Brooke Smith |
Director of Creative Production

Brooke Smith was brought into CFS during the 2010 season as the organization saw an increased need for artistic vision. Now the Director of Creative Production, Ms. Smith works to develop the CFS image as a whole. Ms. Smith works to create a CFS that is high fashion, high quality, and high impact. Highly experienced in the New York fashion industry, Ms. Smith has worked for Ford as a model, for Ralph Lauren in PR, for LVMH, and for Vogue's Fashion Department. With this background, Ms. Smith serves as the guiding voice for all creative elements of CFS.

Saroya Whatley

Saroya Whatley |
Director of Special Projects

Saroya Whatley is the current Director of Special Projects, and works to develop newer areas of the organization. Ms. Whatley made the transition from model to staff during the weeks leading up to CFS 2009, and has since taken on projects from special event logistics, to model training, to special runway presentations, to photo-shoot coordinating. A model and actress in her own right, with an equally impressive professional business background, Ms. Whatley uses a balanced artistic/business approach to endeavors across the entire organization.

Nina Brentlinger

Nina Brentlinger |
Associate Director of Development

Nina Brentlinger was a critical component of the Development Division for the Charity Fashion Show 2010 campaign. Single-handedly responsible for bringing on numerous major sponsors -- from Equinox to Gap -- Ms. Brentlinger is a key part of the sponsorship team for Charity Fashion Show. Serving as the Associate Director of Development, Ms. Brentlinger oversees the training of the new sponsorship staff, develops strategy for fundraising, and utilizes her previous training to better the CFS efforts in development.

Alice Avery

Alice Avery |
Business Team

Alice Avery returns for her third year as part of the Charity Fashion Show team and will be working in business development. Ms. Avery has spent recent years focusing on the financial details of the CFS organization, and is happy to be actively working with sponsors for the 2011 season. An avid fashion follower, skilled polo player, and CFS fanatic, Ms. Avery is excited to be a part of the CFS 2011 team.

Amelia Glum

Amelia Glum |
Business Team

Amelia Glum is new to Charity Fashion Show, and excited to be working with two divisions of Charity Fashion Show: Public Relations & Marketing, and Internal & External Development. Ms. Glum has an extensive retail background with Nordstroms, an extensive technical background, and an extensive event planning background. Ms. Glum joins the CFS staff focused on press relations, designer and sponsor outreach, and marketing development.

Ben Morton

Ben Morton |
Business Team

Ben Morton is new to Charity Fashion Show, and thrilled to be working with all members of the CFS team. Mr. Morton has helped with several fashion shows in Atlanta, Georgia and coordinated various events for Sweet Tooth Confections. He is looking forward to getting involved with the West Coast fashion industry.

Dalila Shannon

Dalila Shannon |
Creative Team

Dalila Shannon is new to the Charity Fashion Show team and is working closely with Brooke Smith in the Creative Production division. Ms. Shannon has worked across the industry, with job experience at Vogue, in retail, and at runway shows. A talented stylist in her own right, Ms. Shannon joins CFS with the capability to directly contribute to the aesthetic direction of the organization.

Tiffany Quach

Tiffany Quach |
Creative Team

Tiffany Quach is new to the Charity Fashion Show team and will work closely within the Creative Division with Director of Creative Production Brooke Smith to develop the various artistic components of CFS. With a background in Studio Art, a passion for trends, and experience as a stylist, Ms. Quach can immediately contribute to the CFS team.

Alexzandra Scully

Alexzandra Scully |
Asst. to Director of Creative Production

Alexzandra Scully is new to the Charity Fashion Show team and will be working as the Assistant to the Director of Creative Production -- Brooke Smith. Ms. Scully comes into Charity Fashion Show with a strong commitment to learn about the inside of the fashion industry. Extremely qualified to help the CFS creative team execute its goals, Ms. Scully also has a strong aesthetic eye of her own.

Andrea Stein

Andrea Stein |
Public Relations Intern

A recent graduate of Menlo School in Atherton, California, Andrea joins the Charity Fashion Show Team as an intern, looking forward to gaining experience in public relations and event planning.

Acacia O'Boyle

Acacia O'Boyle |
San Francisco Promotions

Acacia O'Boyle is a San Francisco fashion industry renaissance woman, well known as a runway and editorial model, director, producer, and fashion blogger. With an impressive event production resume -- including the award-winning Chic Fashion Week, LoveSick, Black V, and Evo2 -- she brings to the CFS team a deep connection to the fashion industry of San Francisco . Her commitment as both an artist and visionary for SF Fashion guides her as she promotes CFS 2011 to the SF fashion scene.

Sarah Lucas

Sarah Lucas |
Board of Advisors, Business Advisor

Sarah Lucas is a distinguished event designer and lifestyle expert, writer and local philanthropist who joins the Charity Fashion Show team in an advisory role. Having raised over $6 million for local charities, Ms. Lucas brings a valuable perspective, extensive experience and a creative spark to the CFS 11 team.

Wayne Hwang

Wayne Hwang |
Board of Advisors, Technical Advisor

Wayne Hwang is an award-nominated designer, stylist, artist, and web developer with long standing ties to the CFS team. Having directed Charity Fashion Show in its blooming years alongside current Producer Thom Scher, he is intimately familiar with both the goals and style of the organization. He currently helps to push the technical scope -- both at an event production and digital level -- of CFS 2011. Mr. Hwang currently resides in New York City where he is working on numerous projects for his aesthetic-focused WDesigns company.

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