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Thom Scher, owner of 'Beyond The Dresses'
Thom Scher ,
the founder and owner of Beyond The Dresses, is an award-nominated figure of the SF Fashion Industry. With a background in Public Relations, and a history of successful Event Production -- installations, presentations, runway shows, parties, premieres, and more -- Thom has come to represent some of the major players in the San Francisco Fashion Scene.

Born in Southern California, Thom grew up watching, learning, and occasionally participating in the fashion culture of Los Angeles and Hollywood. Choosing to attend Stanford University in Palo Alto, he quickly immersed himself in the Bay Area Fashion Scene. Early on in his Stanford career, Thom became known for his work with Charity Fashion Show -- it was under him that the show blossomed to become the largest fashion show on the west coast. Capitalizing off of that success, Thom opened Beyond The Dresses to better serve the often-underrepresented San Francisco Fashion Industry.

The SF Fashion Industry is vibrant and talented, and Thom knows that first-hand. His experience in the industry gives him a fundamental understanding of what it feels like to be a part of the fashion world, and his experience in PR provides him with a keen ability to make your brand, name, or company stronger.

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